HIPAA-compliant patient data management systems tailored to meet your needs. The ECG management system SciMed built is used by over 125 hospitals.

Case Studies

Cardio ECG

SciMed Solutions created the Cardio ECG technology to help hospitals efficiently manage data from medical devices such as ECGs, EEGs, and many other types of monitoring equipment. Hospitals are now saving millions of dollars in time, space, and direct costs by using this software to integrate data from devices that were previously tethered to proprietary hardware and software from medical equipment manufacturers like Philips and GE. After only five years on the market, Cardio ECG is now the number two solution for ECG data management and is in place at more than 120 hospitals. read more


BiotechNC is a regional leader in providing individually designed and fitted prosthetics and orthotics for patients in North Carolina and several neighboring states. SciMed Solutions created PandoNet to help BiotechNC streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and save money. With SciMed Solutions, BiotechNC found an ideal partner whose commitment to finding the right solution matched their own. read more