American Association of Immunology 2015

SciMed Solutions is honored to have sponsored the American Association of Immunology’s 2015 annual meeting. Each year, immunology specialists from all over the world meet to discuss the latest developments in the field, enjoy lectures from the world’s most prominent immunologists, and be exposed to new tools and techniques to benefit their research.

We had a blast talking with people from all over and learning about the latest research in immunology. Everyone was especially happy to come over and chat after we had announced our raffle winners each day of the conference. Three people were lucky enough to walk away from the conference with a SoBou gift certificate (a fantastic New Orleans restaurant), a GoPro camera and a FitBit.

The SciMed Booth at AAI

Developing powerful, efficient tools to the processes or researchers and organizations is SciMed’s specialty, so we were especially excited at the opportunity to travel to New Orleans and talk about SCALE (System for Complex Asynchronous Laboratory Experiments), one of our latest projects. SCALE is not like your average ELN or LIMS, although it offers many features like them; instead of a blank slate where you type what you did in an experiment, SCALE models lab protocols, and walks people through step-by-step, capturing the relevant information along the way. This type of system is the future of lab research. It is a critical mechanism to capture the necessary information about each experiment with the efficiency and accuracy that paper lab notebooks and traditional ELNs cannot offer.

We were very happy with the level of excitement and interest in the software package. We see a bright future for our software to help immunologists as well as all lab scientists in the coming months and years.

Christine McCallum-Randalls

Christine is a former SciMed operations manager.