SciMed Solutions builds innovative software products and provides consulting services to streamline workflows and increase efficiency so you can focus on your core mission. Located in downtown Durham, North Carolina, SciMed has been developing software since 2003.

Our professional teams use agile development to create cutting-edge tools.

We build software that allows you to:

Reduce Errors
Streamline Collaboration
Increase Accuracy
Improve Efficiency
Automate Repetition
Boost Productivity

SciMed is a small company in downtown Durham, solving problems that matter. What you can expect at SciMed is a professional team that thrives on meeting challenges, learning from those experiences, sharing knowledge, and implementing the best course of action for our clients. We don’t pretend to know it all and intend to work hand-in-hand to help provide the best solutions for your particular problems.

At SciMed, we seek to balance three things:

  • Making the world a better place through our work.
  • Maximizing the value that we bring to the client.
  • Creating a satisfying, engaging work environment.

Our Principles

The foundation of everything we do at SciMed is based upon our Mission, Vision, and Values.


Our objective is to build and maintain an organization of intelligent, collaborative, and effective people to develop exceptional software. We are dedicated to serving the greatest minds in the scientific, medical, and educational communities. We will continue to provide a stable organization to increase our employees’ confidence and security, as well as our customer’s trust and loyalty. We will improve the world by providing a healthy, balanced work environment; choosing socially responsible partners and vendors; and empowering our customers to meet their goals of affecting the world for good.


To serve the planet’s greatest minds by providing world-class software, which empowers them to affect positive change.


Transformation: Making the world a better place through our endeavors

Collaboration: Working together to overcome challenges and advance our clients’ missions

Ingenuity: Working with our clients to find solutions that are simple and cost effective

Sustainability: Prioritizing long-term growth over short-term gains in our employees, the environment, the community, and our business

Reliability: Providing dependable software and services